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Oxford S -pedelec D1125

(2 customer reviews)


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2 reviews for Oxford S -pedelec D1125

  1. Frederick

    Good looking bike but that’s about it! I was told I could go to work and back (70km) with the both batteries but that is not true! I have to recharge them at work or I can’t get home unless I go with a max of 25km/hr I had constant troubles with the brakes, the mountings for the fenders and luggage carrier. Every time I brake, they moved and started to slip against the wheels! I also had my front wheel loose after a hard brake! Even after a year I constantly have small errors! Also the gears are very poor! at 40km/h I have to pedal like a madman and I barely get 45Km/h! very frustrating to get passed by other speedpedelecs while its seems they barely have to pedal to get top speed! Conclusions: very nice looking bike, but you expect a Ferrari for your money but you get an underperforming bike! I wouldn’t buy one again if I had the choice!

  2. Michael

    Very nice and comfortable bike. Easily get 70km completely on turbo (150 height meters) with 5 km’s left during summer (Didn’t test yet during winter, i’ll let you know.) But i completely drove on turbo. 45km/h is difficult to get but on a straight flat road you can easily drive 38-42 km/h which is in my opinion enough unless you want a motorbike instead of a bike. Yes other speedpedelecs can pass you while driving 45km/h but they pay 10k to get 70km range on turbo and should better buy an electric motorbike for only 4k :-)

    This bike is more a chill bike to get to work. If you are only interested in going as fast as possible, you should not buy it.

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